Our section on social values in SSR conference/14-15 Sept/Timișoara/RO

Data postării: Apr 29, 2018 7:50:17 AM

The Romanian Group for Studying Social Values organizes a section within the SSR conference in Timișoara, scheduled for 14-15 September.

We are collecting contributions based on the current waves of the European Values Study and World Values Survey.

We plan to have at least a session based on Romanian data and one on contributions from various other countries. With respect to data we have gathered, they include samples larger than 1400, one for EVS, another for WVS. The WVS dataset also include a panel subsample of 650 respondents which were interviewed in 2012 as well as part of the Romanian version of the WVS 2010-2014 data collection. For those intending to use the data within the conference, the preliminary WVS data will be available starting next week. The preliminary EVS dataset and the combined datasets will be available by the end of May.

Those intending to use the data should register for the conference (deadline: 15th of May), and we will provide them with the dataset(s). Otherwise, data will be available for dissemination by the end of the year.

About the conference: this is a generalist conference, but focused somehow on social change. Keynote speakers include prof. David Voas (UCL), prof. Hermann Dülmer (Köln), and prof. Cosima Rughiniș (Bucharest). Organizers expect a presence of roughly 100 participants. Official language is English. A list of sections can be retrieved at the above link. Timișoara airport is connected by direct flights to major European hubs, such as München, Frankfurt, Paris, London, as well as to Bucharest, several Italian airports, Madrid, and Iași (Romania). The multiethnic city is known for being the spark of the Romanian 1989 Revolution, and it is located at driving distance to several European capitals, including Belgrade (160 km), Budapest (282 km), Zagreb (477), Sofia (502), Bratislava (507), Wien (550), Podgorica (598).