First public release of the Romanian EVS/WVS 2017/2018 data

Data postării: Jun 20, 2019 11:14:29 AM

Let tell the story in a very concise manner: here are the data from EVS 2018 and WVS 2017/2018 Romania.

In the following, we provide details for potential users. This post is devoted to professionals in social sciences.

Data was circulated in our extended community for a while and we took the time to clean most of the inconsistencies and data collecting errors. However, please note that some small corrections might be needed, and they will lead to future public releases.

Important details:

Data details:


Further releases:

o   We are currently collecting a shorter version of questionnaire, from a sample of Romanian migrants (websurvey).

o   A sample of about 650 high school students in Timiș and surrounding counties filled in other reduced versions of the questionnaires in May 2018, in a study conduced by our colleagues from the Sociology Department in West University of Timișoara.

o   Colleagues from BrandBerry Research collected data from a sample of 1000 respondents in the 10 major Romanian city (websurvey) related to gender beliefs and family values.


Datafiles in this release:



Files: datasets

 A note on formats: SPSS and Stata are the main generalist software used in social sciences. Therefore our choice for property formats. In this way we also preserve variable and value labels. We have used .zsav instead of .sav for its much better compression. The Stata files use the Stata 13 (and higher) format. For reading into R, we suggest using the readstata13 package.

Files: metadata

*Core versions that do not include the country specific items.

We welcome your feedback, comments, and inquiries at:

Please keep in mind that this data is not destined for commercial/for profit purposes, but for academic research. Also, we can answer questions related to data, but we have no time and resources to assist with data-analyses and related activities.