On immigrants' voting behaviour accross Europe

Data postării: Jan 09, 2014 12:54:2 PM

Three days ago, the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies published online a study by Bogdan Voicu and Mircea Comșa. The paper, named Immigrants' Participation in Voting: Exposure, Resilience, and Transferability, employs EVS 2008 data to discuss the extent to which intentions to vote are triggered by exposure to the dominant voting behaviours in the host society, or they remain resilient and depend on the voting culture in the country of origin. The exposure assumption is the one supported by empirical evidences: living in a society where everybody enters in the voting booth to cast a ballot, increases the odds that an immigrant living there will go to vote if she/he is entitled to do so.

The full paper can be accessed on the journal's website. If you library lacks a subscription to the journal, please do not hesitate to ask us for an intermediate version.

As usual, we have some leftovers not sent for publication. The three below graphs (not included in the final paper) describe simple bivariate relations, showing that the voting turnout of native-born residents and the voting intentions of immigrants correlate, while there is little connection between emigrants' intention to vote and the voting turnout of their conational who remained home (the stayers).