Books and chapters on Google Books

Data postării: Jul 17, 2016 5:15:56 PM

The online repository provided by Google includes a lot of academic literature.

Here are few chapters or books authored by our current and former team members:

Rusu, Horațiu M. (2015). Soziale Solidarität in Rumänien–über Solidaritätshandlungen. pp. 61-84 in 

Juliane Sagebiel, Ana Muntean, Bettina Sagebiel (Eds.), Zivilgesellschaft und Soziale Arbeit: Herausforderungen und Perspektiven an die Arbeit im Gemeinwesen in Rumänien und Deutschland, AG SPAK Bücher.

Our colleague's chapter (written in German) deals with social solidarity, its measurement and its determinants. Empirical data are provided by the 2012 wave of World Values Survey. The implications for Social Work are also discussed.

Vasile, Marian. (2014) Introducere în SPSS pentru cercetarea socială și de piață: o perspectivă aplicată. Polirom.

The book, written in Romanian language, provides an introduction in statistics with SPSS, using practical examples developed on the Romania 2012 WVS database. An ebook version is also available.

Voicu, Mălina, Tufiș, Claudiu.(2013). Religion and social participation in postcommunist Europe. pp. 203-217 In De Hart, J., Dekker, P., & Halman, L. (2013). Religion and civil society in Europe. Springer.

The paper considers CEE countries within the 2008 EVS wave, and inspects the connection between social participation and religiosity. The former is seen as potential outcome for the later. Religiosity is investigated as religious affiliation (denomination), religious belief, and churchgoing. The authors notice that service attendance is the strongest religious predictor of involvement in associations, but its effect is rather low as compared to other factors.

Şerban, Monica. (2011). Dinamica migraţiei internaţionale: un exerciţiu asupra migraţiei româneşti în Spania. Editura Lumen.

Monica Șerban's book (published in Romanian language) is one of the best resources to understand the process that directly involved at least a fifth of Romanian population. With a strong conceptual background, and well-documented empirical evidences, the book takes the reader through various theories, and discusses the factors that shaped Romanian outmigration, in particular the one to Spain.

Voicu, Mălina, Voicu, Bogdan. (2003). Volunteering in Romania: a rara avis, pp. 143-160 in Loek Halman & Paul Dekker, editors, Volunteering Values and Diversity: Participation in Voluntary Work in Cross-national and Longitudinal Perspective, Kluwer Publishers.

This older paper employs data from the 1999 wave of EVS/WVS to describe propensity to volunteering among Romanians. Regression models depict the relations between variables, and substantial interpretations is provided.