On social values and their dynamics in Romania

Data postării: Sep 15, 2016 8:52:6 AM

Bogdan VOICU, Balázs TELEGDY

Dynamics of Social Values: 1990–2012

Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Social Analysis, 6, 1 (2016) 7−30

Issued last week, this paper by Bogdan Voicu & Balázs Telegdy introduces the reader into the dynamics of social values in post-communist Romania. A comparative approach doubles the presentation of macrolevel empirical data, allowing the authors to provide empirical subsatnce to the explanations they sketch. data comes mainly from EVS and WVS.

The paper is availble on journal's page (open access).

Voicu, B., Telegdy, B. (2016) Dynamics of Social Values: 1990–2012, Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Social Analysis, 6(1): 7−30. http://www.acta.sapientia.ro/acta-social/C6-1/social61-02.pdf