Immigrants and social trust

Data postării: Nov 07, 2014 2:2:24 PM

Bogdan Voicu. 2014.

Immigrants and social trust: Mind the cultural gap?,

Studia Politica XIV(2): 201-220.

Through this paper, Bogdan Voicu invites the reader into the complex world of immigration. He plays with theories from sociology of values, migration studies, and social capital to argue that immigrants form/change their values, attitudes and behaviors depending on the social context in which they live. Social trust is the topic that serves as example in this paper.

Using cross-classified multilevel models on data from the European Values Study and the World Values Survey, the author proves that immigrants build their own way to trust other people, which combines elements from early socialization in their home country and exposure to the institutions and social norms in the host society.

The paper, published in the most recent issue of Studia Politica, also argues that immigration do not deter trust unless the host society is not lacking trust before receiving immigrants.

To read the full text, one may access this link.

Selected slides were extracted from a presentation and presented bellow.