New members in our team: Romulus Oprica

Data postării: Jun 26, 2018 1:18:43 PM

While we still work on data cleaning the 2017-2018 versions of Romanian EVS and WVS datasets, it is time to introduce our new team members.

Romulus (PhD in Sociology, SNSPA, 2014) joined our group in spring 2018. He and his company (BrandBerry) provide studies in social and market research, as well as consultancy to various orga

nizations. Active in the local community of Brașov, Romulus was included by Bussiness Magazine in its 2018 ranking of 100 Young Top Managers.

In spring 2018, Romulus carried out an online survey with respondents from the ten larger cities in Romania. The survey includes gender beliefs items identical to the ones in the current waves of EVS and WVS. Methodological experiments are likely to be carried out using data from the three sources.

One may see Romulus in action in its short interview for Business Magazine.