Goals, methods, activities

Main research question:

(SO0) Is international migration leading to increasing similarities between European countries, in terms of social values, participation, and life satisfaction, creating the context for better institutional integration?

(SO1) The first issue to be investigated is if migrants do change behaviors and value orientations, and how.

(SO2) The second part is to see if the presence of migrants does change the host society.


Secondary data analyses, using large scale comparative datasets.

Data collecting for the Romanian WVS 2012 wave.  

Current activities:

*Data analysis;

*Writing the first papers;

*The fieldwork for Romanian WVS 2012 ended.

*The dataset is deposited in the ASEP/JDS data archive.

Expected outcomes:

* publications;

* the Romanian version of the WVS 2012. (made public since November 2013)