Gender beliefs and civic participation

Data postării: Aug 18, 2016 6:0:57 PM

An analysis of the connection between gender beliefs and civic participation was just published by Czech Sociological Review. The paper is coauthored by our previous colleague Malina Voicu, and by Bogdan Voicu, member of our team.

The authors use data from WVS 2005-2008, combine multilevel with SEM, and employ an instrumental variable approach. Four basic mechanisms are considered for connecting attitudes towards gender roles and participation in various voluntary associations. Interest-based explanations, exposure-based models, ideological learning assumptions, and control models are described as basis for influencing gender beliefs within associations.

The findings participation in some types of associations is positively related to equalitarian gender beliefs. On contrary, other associations are less likely to foster equality between men and women. We let you discover which type of association is related to equalitarian attitudes, and how men and women differ in this respect.

The paper is available online (open access):

Voicu, Malina, Bogdan Voicu. 2016. „Civic Participation and Gender Beliefs: An Analysis of 46 Countries.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 52 (3): 321-346

A presentation of an intermediate (and more extended) version of the paper is available on Youtube: