Publications (MigVaSo)


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Book chapters

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World Values Survey Romania 2012: the database is deposited in the ASEP/JDS data archive in Madrid, to be made public in the second half of 2013 as part of the WVS2010-2012 integrated dataset. By the end of 2013, Romanian data will also be posted in the MigVaSo website.

Romanian Election Studies 2012: we have contributed to the creation of this series of datasets, to be made public in 2014.

Other academic products

There are several conference presentations and papers submitted to peer-reviewed journals. They sum up to ten different products. We will made them public after acceptance for publishing, in order to avoid affecting the peer-reviewing process. If interested, please contact us to receive a list of these papers and, eventually, draft versions.


Our series of Newsletters (in Romanian language) aims to disseminate results to a broader audience.