Another paper of our team: on health satisfaction

Data postării: Jan 31, 2014 1:21:52 PM

Although not directly related to social values, we advertise another paper recently published by our colleague Marian Vasile:

Marian Vasile. 2013. Sănătate percepută, calitatea serviciilor publice de sănătate și satisfacția față de viață [Perceived health, the quality of public health services and life satisfaction], Calitatea Vieţii 4-2013: 402-422.

The text is in Romanian and serves as prerequisite for our analysis in which life satisfaction is treated as a cultural product. Marian Vasile claims that the way in which society perceives the quality of health services in one country possitively affects the individual-level life-satisfaction, after controling for the satisfaction with own health (the bottom-up approach in explaining domain satisfaction is employed). EQLS validate teh assumption, and also allow to identify the decreasing effect of the perceived quality of health services when the evaluation of own health state is lower.