European Identity: An Analysis of Measurement Equivalence

Data postării: Nov 24, 2020 1:33:17 AM

European Identity: An Analysis of Measurement Equivalence Across Countries and Mode of Data Collection in the European Values Survey 2017/2018,

Malina Voicu, Ioana Ramia

Social Indicators Reseach,

Our colleagues Malina Voicu and Ioana Ramia published recently in Social Indicators Research an analysis of European identity based on the most recent EVS/WVS data collection

Analyzing data from 30 European countries, included in EVS/WVS 2017 data, the paper shows that there is a common understanding of Europeanness among those living in Europe in ethnic terms, not in cultural ones. The results proved that most of the Europeans, no matter their citizenship or country of residence, use the same criteria to define “What makes someone European”. The tests of measurement equivalence indicate that the scale tapping the Europeanness used by EVS /WVS 2017 is suitable for cross-national comparisons, but the comparability should be refrained to comparing means of the scale across countries.

The paper can be read online here: