2018: Ready for anniversary?

Data postării: Apr 23, 2018 11:28:47 AM

In 2018 our team celebrates 25 years of activity. That is 25 years since the first value survey took place in Romania, in 1993. The year also coincides with the Romanian celebration of 100 years since Transylvania, Bucovina, and Bessarabia (Eastern Moldova) joined the Romanian Old Kingdom .

It is the time to relaunch our activity:

- the fieldwork for WVS ended and we are in full process of cleaning the dataset;

- the fieldwork for EVS is close to the end;

- we are almost ready to start a supplementary survey of Romanian migrants;

- two associated researchers joined our team: Mălina Voicu and Romulus Oprica. You will find soon about their contributions;

- An Youtube channel will be launched in the next few days. It will feature our main results;

- we will have a section in the SSR conference in Timișoara, in September;

- many graphs and short interpretation will be presented in these page and on our Youtube channel.

So, wait for more content, in which we describe all of above, starting ... quite soon. Stay tuned!

(and, if we find the money, perhaps this site will also receive a facelift ;)