Presentations in Tbilisi

posted Dec 26, 2019, 2:33 AM by Bogdan Voicu
EVS recently posted the video recordings of the presentations delivered during the First international workshop of EVS2017 “Comparing values in (post)crisis Europe“ held in10-11 October 2019, in Tbilisi (Georgia).

Among the presentations, three come from our team, and we offer them as a Christmas gift:

Mălina Voicu talks about Measuring Illiberal Populism in Romania

EVS Workshop 2019, Tbilisi - Malina Voicu

Bogdan Voicu introduces his argument on Remitting Authoritarianism

EVS Workshop 2019, Tbilisi - Bogdan Voicu

Horațiu Rusu searches for a measurement of civic-ethnic identity and relates them to attitudes towards immigration

EVS Workshop 2019, Tbilisi - Horatiu M Rusu

One may retrieve all the presentations from the conference here.